S.A.T. Quick Start Guide

Apply Power and Boot

Attach USB

Using the provided Micro-USB cable, attached your S.A.T. to a high quality USB power adapter.
The S.A.T. will immediately power on when power is applied.

Connect to the S.A.T.

Using your mobile device or WiFi enabled computer, search for available WiFi networks. Find the Access Point with the name CSN_SAT_XXXX (The XXXX is the serial number of the S.A.T.).

Connect your mobile device to that access point. (Some devices will complain that this access point will not provide internet access. This is normal and you should allow the connection if prompted.)

Open the Dashboard

Using your mobile device's web browser, navigate to the IP address displayed on the LCD screen. For example:
The S.A.T. dashboard will open on your device.

Connect your S.A.T. to Your WiFi Network

Click the NETWORK button at the bottom of the dashboard.

The S.A.T. will scan for available 2.4GHz networks and will display them in the dropdown box. If needed, click the REFRESH button to refresh the list.

Choose a network from the list and enter your WiFi password and click CONNECT.

The S.A.T. will restart and attempt to connect to the selected WiFi network. Look at the LCD screen on the S.A.T. to see the IP address assigned and then connect to it using any browser on the same network.

Next Steps

If you did not purchase your S.A.T. directly from us, please register your device here: Register

For the complete S.A.T. user manual click here.

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CSN Technologies Inc. provides a 3 Month LIMITED WARRANTY against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship to the original purchaser of a new S.A.T. purchased from CSN Technologies Inc directly or from an authorized dealer. The warranty begins on the date of purchase by the customer.